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Hiliany Munguia
President and CEO
Real Estate Broker



Founder of Clients 1st Realty, Inc.

Born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, she attended and graduated Valle de Sula High School in 2005 at the age of 16. She moved to New Orleans in the United States that year to pursue her studies at Delgado Community College. Early in her life she displayed entrepreneurial goals as she worked self employed as a graphic designerShe designed flyers, business cards, menus and also did photography at Birthdays and Weddings.Later, ambition drove her to join her association’s board of directors in 2010. During that time, the community was in grave despair and she needed to act quickly before the community fell into receivership. She stepped up and self managed for three months. Although she had never done management nor served on a board, she quickly worked to negotiate with the city and saved approximately $90,000 of the $300,000 water bill, then set a payment plan to pay it off over several months. There were also several other bills past due in excess of $350,000 that she negotiated and settled through payment plans. Naturally, creating those plans required that she would need to be fully involved in continuing to monitor the community’s progress.

After the community seemed to be back out of immediate despair, she hired On Call Management to manage the community. On Call’s Managing Director Naresh Bachan was impressed with Hiliany’s work to make the community better, especially being new and having to learn the ropes with no support. At that time he offered her a position within his company, later she became his right hand.

While this was a great start for Hiliany in the professional world, she was determined to go above and beyond.

In 2011, she had great opportunity to begin her personal investment portfolio. Strategically studying the real estate market, she invested in properties and quickly turned them over for profit. Today the $20,000.00 she started investing with has led way for her private investment company, HM South Florida, LLC and now also Clients 1st Realty, Inc to have in excess of $1 Million in assets.

Then 2012 proved to be an opportunistic year for Hiliany, not only did she own HM South Florida, but she went on to get her real estate license. Quickly she was also able to create business relationships and mounted a stack of clients to whom she would sell properties, and also manage them. This would allow her to expand her knowledge in the areas of calculating and studying returns on investments and market trends.

Throughout the years, Hiliany has continued to grow, she has expanded her career by working specifically in all areas of real estate. She has been involved as a board member and assisting in the management of community associations, focusing also on real estate sales and rentls, and creating long term clients that have allowed her to grow her management portfolio.

Now 2015 has surely been a great start for Hiliany as we are Proud to present you with her latest accomplishment her own Real Estate Brokerage, Clients 1st Realty, Inc. Driven by the strength and knowledge of her history working in Real Estate Sales, Leasing, Management and Marketing, she is now able to provide clients with the greatest service they have grown to expect in the capacity as a Real Estate Broker.